how to build an oil cooler yourself


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(this will be in sections as i am updating this as i have time)
i thought i would share a how to for making yourself you own oil cooler, if you decide to make one for you car. in a way if you wanted, you could make it for your transmission as well.
here im going to concentrate on making one for your car's oil as its the most common one people seek.

there a few kits im sure that are on the market that is mean for any car you own. those will most likely be your best option if you arent inclined to create it from scratch.

lets debunk the notion that making one is cheaper rather than buying a kit. this is false. ill explain.
if you make it one yourself, it wont actually be cheaper. in fact it will be more expensive than a premade kit. why? well for the most part when they make a kit they will buy the cheapest parts possible and create the kit for the average joe. the average joe doesnt know nor does he care if it has better parts or an increase amount of row or core height or using pluming that has a swivel option or hoses that have teflon ptfe interiors or a lightweight racing hose or oil thermostats. they also buy in bulk while when we make one its one off so the vendor will want to make a little more on you than someone buying 50+ units at one time. price is what attracts buyers and from what i learned, most german car owners look for the cheapest possible on the market for everything and not so much quality. if you dont believe me look at any forum where members look for the most affordable (cheapest) installation shop, the most affordable (cheapest) parts. rarely has anyone said, i want quality and where can i get that? i sure have not found that thread.
so if your willing to pay the extra cost, the fun of building a oil cooler system for yourself is pretty gratifying.

today im going to share with you my past experience with creating an oil cooler. your car will vary as you may have other parts in the way or if you decide to make one for another car you own. just use common sense and i cant stress enough that you use common sense in doing any project.

so lets begin.
we need to have a decent parts store we can get parts from. of course you can go anywhere and source them but thats on you. again im just using a site i have used before that works for me. they carry quality parts and they supply a lot of other vendors with their parts. so if they look familiar then you now know where they source it from too.

*to be continued.

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